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An individual who exhibits agitation, revulsion, panic, or extreme discomfort for no worthwhile reason. Akin to the medical disorder "sandvaginitis", or "appearing to have sand in one's vagina". (Note: this term applies to female as well as male individuals).
Paco: Miguel, stop being such a sandvag. A bite from the death stalker scorpion causes unbearable pain, fever, coma, convulsions, paralysis and only maybe death.
Miguel: Is Raul going to come over and suck the poison out of my wound?
Paco: If he doesn't sandvag out this time.
by Solax January 02, 2008

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1.when a vagina is sandy, and may feel rough, like sandpaper.

2.also used as an insult
1."i was at the beach today, and now i have a really bad sandvag"

2."god, your such a sandvag!"
by bigpapafatdragon August 02, 2007