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Act: Gay shower anal sex. A Reverse Sandusky Special occurs between a man and woman.
Mike sure gave Peter a Sandusky Special in the shower last night.
by PCB2011 November 10, 2011
A tricky sex act. Basically, the male will reverse-titty-fuck his partner (while the woman is on her back, the male straddles the female, facing her feet, and places his penis in between her breasts) while defacting in her open mouth. It is similar to a Cincinnati Bowtie, except with the addition of a hot lunch. Like many sex acts, this one is named for another great city in Ohio.

As an added bonus, the Sandusky Refried Special is accomplished if the man has a bad case of diarrhea.
I thought I'd done it all, until she asked me to give her the Sandusky Special.
by Daytona Blue January 05, 2006
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