Man on Man back cracking FACE TO FACE
As Jerry Sanduskied Joepa's back he squeezed his ass and D-maxed him afterwards which Joepa screamed with joy and pleasure!
by Dick Elliot November 12, 2011
Top Definition
To be anally raped or fucked from behind without the common decency to at least give a reach around.
Ron:Hey did you ever buy that car you were talking about buying from the dealership?

D:Nah man we had all the paperwork ready to go then I got SANDUSKIED!!!

Ron:I hate when that happens.
by GREEKFUBAR November 11, 2011
To get flogged, fondled, or raped in the shower.

This is a term that came to be after Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State Defensive Coordinator was arrested on suspicion of child molesting.
After the game the boy went into the shower and hoped he wouldn't get sanduskied.
by NOLA Joe November 12, 2011
The end result of having been ass probed by a dick.
A girl told her sister she just got sanduskied from her boyfriend and it ruptured her anal sphincter muscle.

My wife let me give her a sandusky for our anniversary.

Can you believe it man I just sanduskied her and I don't even know her name.
by Benji Bronk November 10, 2011
To royally embarrass your own family, friends, neighbors, and/or community through inappropriate means.
Jerry sanduskied his friend Joe due to his repulsive sexual urges.
by CSTARR November 08, 2011
Someone offers to crack your back, or tries to shower in the stall next to you at the gym. Or, he offers to show you some new wrestling moves.
The shower room is empty. Why are you in the shower right next to me? I don't need to be Sanduskied.
by Mcqueary1 November 11, 2011
When an older male makes unwanted sexual advances towards a male much younger than him. particularly football coaches that work at Penn State. If Sanduskied severely enough, getting railed in the butt is not out of the question.
Mark- Yo man werent you at the bars last night?

Paul- ya man I was slaying biddies

Mark- Dude did you see Tony getting his shit Sanduskied

Paul- That was so messed up man, that guy must have been like over 50

Mark- I know man Tony was like blackout status he prolly was Sanduskied all night long
by AssToMouthBackwards69 November 11, 2011

1. To take advantage of; cheat
2. To ruin someone's life
3. To mess up, destroy, mangle, etc.
4. To have complete disregard for a fellow human.
5. To Fuck someone
Joe- Dude you just cut that guy off.
Jerry- Hell Yea I did.
Joe- You completely Sanduskied him!
by Dr. Kennith Ian Buss November 13, 2011
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