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The most superior of all senior week house. In fact it took God 14 days to create it and the people who occupy it. In addition to its good looking occupants, the 40 different versions of sandstorm (which are continuously played throughout the house) lure women into the house. The epic second story shore house is home to women and spaghetti night, favorite dictator night, yourself in middle school night, and a two story bong. While there are many imitations, there is only one real sandstorm house which will leave a legacy for many generations.
"Wow my senior week sucked." Son
"Why?!" Mom
"Because the Sandstorm House had all the girls and sweet tunes" Son
"Yes. That is understandable. I was even at the sandstorm house for one night" Mom
by Dan Kannengieszer January 01, 2008
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