A beautiful, intelligent, pretty much the most perfect girl you will ever meet. She is there for you 24/7 and is always open for your opinions and thoughts. She is extremely fun and chill to hang out with and you will always have a good time when you are with her. One word. Perfect.
I love Sandra, shes amazing :D
by Toooohyper4u :D March 21, 2013
Another name for testicles taken from the actress Sandra Bullock. Bullock=Bollocks=Testicles=Sandra's
"i'm just going to rearrange my Sandra's"
"wow, you have some nice Sandra's there"
by TommoGarcia May 01, 2010
a beautiful lady that is smart, funny, prideful, respectful, loving, modest, always willing to help someone. everyone loves her
damn sandra your so cool
by Lil-penguin July 19, 2011
Well, what can I say about Sandra, she is the most amazing woman in the universe. She is my one, my soul-mate, and I am so glad to be with her. I love her with all my heart. I one day will marry her and spend the rest of my life with her.
Man, Eddie is so lucky, he is with Sandra.
by PiratexCracker May 15, 2012
A Sandra is uncommonly talented, there are not enough adjectives to do her disposition justice. Sandra is known for being debonair. She has a graceful charm, one will grow to become addicted to her presence. Sandra is rare because its hard to find a women who is so open and real. If you have a Sandra in your life, appreciate her because she is truly divine.
I met Sandra while I was in the valley and although I live in Inglewood, we make this relationship work.
by Illmatic621 September 24, 2011
Sandra is one of the most amazing girl you could ever meet or go out with, she is intelligent, funny, sweet, cute and pretty in less words Gorgeous. Althought she does have some minor defects. Sandra tends to make decisions to quick, with out even thinking of the the future, and that might make her life harder. But also she is a very passionate worker and knows how to get back up is she falls. She is the type of person that has a beautiful voice, and amazing body. You might just be the most lucky person in the world if you have a person with the name of Sandra. And if youh do have a Sandra in your life don't let her go, I know it might be difficult because she might be undecided and sometimes might listen to other people and make decisions to quick but still you should fight for her, and try to keep her with you. A good advice 'just be patient with her'
I had a girl name Sandra, and I just wish I could get her back, because even thought she made bad decisions and listened others instead of me. I do love her, and I've never ever lied to her.
by Sandra lover October 24, 2011
Sandra is a very special kind of woman. She is an Oriental, but not all freaky about that. Sandra has the most incredible voice on the planet. She is also as loyal a girl as you`ll ever meet. Even when she seems out of reach, she won`t hesitate to make your life heaven long-distance. Sandra is smart, funny, a great artist, and an incredibly sexariffic woman. She`s a bit nerdy, but that`s the charm of a Sandra. She is logical and reaonable, and keeps her head during hard times. More than anything, Sandra is the best friend a Levi could have.
by llewxamardnasox July 30, 2011
Sandra, is a drunk & a little slut she likes to be seen, and watched. She rules the street of colfaxs. owns her corner. On any given night you can find her at any bar in town, she slam a Beer in a second. But you need to watch out she will slam your spouse in a turn of an eye.
Sandra : ia a snake in a crowd that bites, like a vampire in the night.
by stwalker June 16, 2011

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