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A beautiful, intelligent, pretty much the most perfect girl you will ever meet. She is there for you 24/7 and is always open for your opinions and thoughts. She is extremely fun and chill to hang out with and you will always have a good time when you are with her. One word. Perfect.
I love Sandra, shes amazing :D
by Toooohyper4u :D March 21, 2013

1. (Proper name of Greek origin) diminutive of Alexandra, meaning "man's defender."

2. (noun) a woman (usually living with a with a mate) who acts like a modest, proper lady in public, but who is in fact a wily harlot driven by a lust for cock the likes of which the world has never seen.

The common Sandra's fornication habitat is almost exclusively reserved for her workplace, where she cultivates potential cocks for harvesting by going to regular lunches as "friends" with male co-workers and lamenting her unsatisfying and pathetic love-life at home, and unfortunate mate selection.

Ultimately, the common Sandra will angle herself into spending some private time at her prey's home, where she promptly releases her tiny breasts as bait, then drops to her knees to gulp down the cock she so craves. After she's exhausted all the illicit thrills to be had cheating on her mate with another man, if not offered a wedding ring, she will repeat the process with the next interested co-worker, preferably a friend of her present lover's.

3. (noun) A common mumble-mouthed gutterslut whore who craves abuse.
"Yeah, he caught her sucking her co-worker's cock in the parking lot stairwell!"
"Did she swallow or spit when he came?!?"
"Heard she spits it out..."
by R_U-Tuning_N September 19, 2013
Sandra, is a drunk & a little slut she likes to be seen, and watched. She rules the street of colfaxs. owns her corner. On any given night you can find her at any bar in town, she slam a Beer in a second. But you need to watch out she will slam your spouse in a turn of an eye.
Sandra : ia a snake in a crowd that bites, like a vampire in the night.
by stwalker June 16, 2011
body of a goddess with extravagant features loving caring sweet and mostly SEXY ! what every guy needs keeps her head up in the sky and doesn't let anything get in her way
a beast in bed !!
John: Damnnnnn yo you saw that girl?
Larry: Yup ! shes a sandra all right
by urlovex3 January 08, 2009
An amazing woman who is just as smart as she is beautiful. With just a glance she takes my breath away. Everything she does is done with the grace and poise of a thousand angels. She can do no wrong. She thinks she's never good enough but she'll always be good enough if not better to people like me.
"Hey who's that?"
"Oh, that's Sandra she makes my world go round."
by Jessehunt March 27, 2013
The coolest girl you'll ever meet.
I'm so happy that Sandra likes me! I'll be almost as cool as her.
by Oh hayy March 07, 2010
Sandra is one of the most amazing girl you could ever meet or go out with, she is intelligent, funny, sweet, cute and pretty in less words Gorgeous. Althought she does have some minor defects. Sandra tends to make decisions to quick, with out even thinking of the the future, and that might make her life harder. But also she is a very passionate worker and knows how to get back up is she falls. She is the type of person that has a beautiful voice, and amazing body. You might just be the most lucky person in the world if you have a person with the name of Sandra. And if youh do have a Sandra in your life don't let her go, I know it might be difficult because she might be undecided and sometimes might listen to other people and make decisions to quick but still you should fight for her, and try to keep her with you. A good advice 'just be patient with her'
I had a girl name Sandra, and I just wish I could get her back, because even thought she made bad decisions and listened others instead of me. I do love her, and I've never ever lied to her.
by Sandra lover October 24, 2011