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a person who like women and a person you wouldnt want as a friend she would steal for moms money out of her purse and eat all the food in you cupboards and REALLY REAALY like to spit on puppyss so keep her away from your puppys also she loves nude walks in the prak!
eats hampsterss for breakfest;and dogss! she is 7 foot 9 and is a prostitute; she will do anything for money! most of her kind like in new york newyork! she is by and likes women Someone who is gay,

stupid, hoe.
Doesnt no anything,
*Someone who likes to eat rats,
Eats every pet she has,
Shes a bi-sexual perve
She will do anything to get you in bed!

*CAUTION: Don't Go near this person!

REMINDER: Consider yourself warned!

If this person tries to chase after you, scream and yell RAPE, and call the hotline for bi-sexual people who chase after you!

run from sandra gomez she on the lose
by buzzbuzzzz(: September 25, 2009
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