A.K.A. Mariano Rivera, one of the best closers in baseball of all-time. Mariano Rivera is a.k.a Mr. Automatic, because it is a given that when he comes into a game with the lead, the game is over. Mariano Rivera has been a pitcher on the New York Yankees for his whole career, which is now 10 years. Mariano Rivera has pitched in 586 games and 728.1 innings. He has 336 saves and a 2.43 ERA (Earned Run Average).
"He's (Mariano Rivera) the best I've ever been around. Not only the ability to pitch and perform under pressure, but the calm he puts over the clubhouse. He's very important for us because he's a special person."-Yankees Manager Joe Torre
by sprtsfan212 July 31, 2005
A dealer of drugs, usually cocaine

See: snowman
I met the school sandman yesterday, his shit is good!
by TehSnowMen August 14, 2006
At night, you and a gay buddy sneak into a friends house, supplied with a pocket full of sand, and a Sandpaper Glove (preferably 20 grain).

After you are done fisting your friend, your other friend sprinkles a handful of sand on him, and then you leave. Good effort.
Colonel and Wook snuck into Mark's house while he was sleeping. They pulled a Sandman, and after nearly waking up Mark, they got the fuck out of there.
by ThatOneGuy987 February 22, 2013
A devotee to the works of actor Adam Sandler.
The Sand-man went to go see "Spanglish" three times before he realized it was not in Sir Adam Sandler's top tier films.
by Pat Rockinsocks June 11, 2008
A person who is a Sandman is somebody who has an unusaul fetish for sandy places, particularly the beach. They enjoy having intercourse with the sand by putting their penis in and out of the sand until orgasm. The intercourse tends to be without a condom as they enjoy the feel of sand on their penis.
Blair: Heard anything interesting recently?

Liam: Apparently the Sandman's been at it again. He was complaining about having sand in his japseye this morning.
by BigDawgDDizzle September 06, 2010
A special kind of baseball bat with a nail through it. Either used for actual baseball game play use or hurting people. Best for angry players.
Play ball right! Or ill hit you wit my sandman
by pwrpufranger July 29, 2010
While having sexual relations with a woman, he pulls out before climaxing on the woman's face. He proceeds to jizz all up in her eye, like sand from the sandman, as the popular folk tale goes. While the female is recovering from temporary blindness, the man uses his still partially erect penis to whack the female across the head, putting her to "sleep" as does the sandman in the popular folk tale. An optional addition is to have a stereo blasting enter sandman by metallica as you perform this move, and after it is completed, you jump and dance around the girls unconscious body with the song blazing all the while.
I swear officer, she wanted me to sandman her.
by Lamar Longwood September 29, 2009
when you rub a girls clit at the beach when its all sandy. See stinky finger.
I got the Sandman at the beach today. It wasn't fun at all. Actually I'm gonna go throw up
by dabsadoo July 10, 2008

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