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putting sand on your penis then anal sexing the girl
i was sanding her last night
by Dmitri Krunk November 28, 2007
To kiss a cardboard cutout/poster of a celebrity so much that the lips begin to wear off, looking as if someone has sanded them off.
"Did you see that poster of Megan Fox in Brandon's room? It looks like he's been sanding it!"
by Tukoy April 05, 2010
A slang term for an action someone considered to be a poor handyman would perform instead of helping.

"Sanding" is used to replace whatever said individual is actually doing.
Example 1: "Gray nailed "Tom Sawyer" on the guitar last night while he was sanding." In this example, "Rock Band" was replaced with "sanding".
by smurfette007 May 20, 2011