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There are only a few words worthy of describing Sandielion, a few of them being pulchritudinous, bodacious, aesthetic, and benevolent. Sandielion, also known as Sandie or Sandra, is so amazing that if you were to ever spot her, you'd have a 99.99 % chance of dying from awe. It's rare for someone to even come into contact with Sandielion is any form because of her radiance. On a scale of 1-10, she definitely ranks ∞. If you were stuck on an island, and you had a choice to be rescued and taken back to civilization or staying stranded with Sandielion, you'd be a fool not to stay stranded.
Ex. 1
Rescue Operator: Are you in need of rescue?
Karan: No man, I'm with Sandielion.

Ex. 2
Person #1: Who is that?
Person #2: I don't know man..
Person #3: Ayo Karan who is that?
Karan: That's Sandielion :$$

Ex. 3
I don't know if this is an example, but I love Sandielion. <3
by Karandelion January 16, 2012