a racist name for someone who lives or lived in the middle east
Dan: aww man this towns gettin ridiculous. theres fucking sand dancers all owa
Alex: aye anar man it aint on. they look daft with dem tea towels on their heads
Dan: aye they do lyk
by el mucho grande tallywacker April 04, 2008
Top Definition
1. A person who was born in South Shields, a coastal town on the North East coast of England at the south side of the mouth of the river Tyne. Named after the long sandy beaches that South Shields has on both sides of it's pier.

2. A sub-culture of Geordie

In The Northeast of England, there are a number of towns which, collectively are called 'Geaordie' bur some have their own particular sub-cultures, such as Newcastle, Sunderland and South Shields. As far as football is concerned, South Shields is populated by half Magpies and Half Mackems.

Often shortened to 'Sandy'
If yer from Sooth Shields, yer a Sanddancer.

So, yer from Whiteleas, uh, yah must be a Sandy, then?
by Geordie John February 22, 2006
some one who is from south shields and lives behind ocean road among the less sophisticated community because they are scuff bag butt munchers.
like when you are on holiday in tenerife and someone says "are you from newcastle?" you reply "no iam am not a geordie iam a sand dancer"
by pacdogg February 11, 2004
Persons from Yemen who jumped ship on the River Tyne in the early 1900s and settled in South Shields.
Get on your Camel sanddancer and get us some welding rods, now.
by Jeffro88 September 26, 2008
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