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A woman (your bitch) who makes you sandwhiches.
Let me introduce you to Candy. She's my sandbitch.
by Erpho January 31, 2010
v. --When a dude is having a threesome (or intense grinding) with two chicks and is caught between the two bitches.
Man, did you see Emilio last night? That playa was sandbitched between Beth and Jessica!

Johnny was sandbitching between Eva and Teresa on the dance floor just a moment ago. That guy's such a pimp.
by Nemus Maximus October 17, 2010
animal that is native to teaneck- has large nipples and enjoys accruing money. it is often considered to be similar to donald trump.
"sandbitch, those are some large nippetos!"
by hemahema April 27, 2007
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