When you jizz on a girls face and throw sand on her. LOL
I just sand blaster that ho. lOl
by Ekaf Eman May 26, 2007
Top Definition
The act of wrapping sandpaper around the penis (rough side out of course) before engaging in anal intercourse with someone who REALLY needs put in their place. Only to be performed when lube-free anal just isn't quite enough punishment for the dirty receiver.
"That bitch is supposed to be my girlfriend, but I caught her fucking three of my friends!"
"Give her a Sand Blaster...that oughta teach her a lesson"
by LubeCrew236 August 15, 2011
To lick your fingers, dip it in sand, and blasting it up her snatch. Also been known as clam digging.
Matt: "Joe, I heard you gave Lisa the sand blaster last night."
Joe: "I sure did! She said she liked it rough and dirty."
by T. sandman April 28, 2011
when a guy is having sex with a girl on the beach, pulls out his penis, covers it with sand and rams it back in the vagina causing excruciating pain.
I was fucking pissed so i gave her a sandblaster
by kyleybrovlovskeet May 14, 2011
Large anal expulsion of gastrointestinal gasses post coitus on any sand covered coastline.
do you really need an example? O.k.:

"my girl was riding me on the beach, and I totally pulled a sand blaster!!"
by beefymess September 02, 2009
After a long day at the beach you fart in someone's face, thus blasting sand all over their face.
Her face was pink and raw after receiving an unexpected sand blaster.
by The Spot Formerly Known as G August 01, 2007
A girl with a mouth full of sand gives a guy a blow job, and his shaft is scrapped uncomfortably by each individual grain. Needless to say, the experience isn't enjoyable for either party, and the couple is hopefully wasted on a beach - otherwise why the fuck would her mouth be all sandy.
Kate got drunk and sand blasted some dude on the beach.
by JohnBon July 24, 2005
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