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When a female shaves her vagina and the stubble grows back; initially this creates a very rough surface that is not a desirable region for the male to rub his "Johnson" during sex or after orgasm.
Yo Freddy, I love girls who shave their pussy, but I hate it when they let the stubble grow back and it gets all rough, that's "Sand Paper Pussy."
by Eapert McDangles July 07, 2006
A poorly maintained shaved cooter with razor stubble,ingrown hairs,and razor rash. The rough abrasive texture feels like a ScotchBrite pad or sandpaper. aka-cactus cunt
I reached my hand inside her panties and it felt like I was stroking a prickly pear.,She had a sandpaper pussy.
by wolfbait51 May 12, 2011
a black girls pussy who doesn't shave because black hair is alot stiffer than white hair
Ricky got himself some of that snadpaper pussy last night.
by Mikeagod March 21, 2005
A pussy (vagina) that is very dry and rough like sandpaper. Even if you get it wet and juicy after a while, it still feel's like your having sex with sandpaper.
Yo dawg, my ex-girlfriend has sandpaper pussy. We fucked and it felt like I was having sex with sandpaper!
by brian strizzle December 18, 2008
a women's vagina that is rough, feeling much like sandpaper. It can be because of the women herself, or because of a long day at the beach. Both are uncomfortable and can ruin intercourse with a roughed up penis
My girlfriend just got back from the beach, but i coudn't fuck her with her sandpaper pussy.
by brente89 July 27, 2008
scabs inside a chicks pussy
i fucked sally last night. it felt like sandpaper. round two came along and it felt much smoother. i asked her what she did and she said " i picked the scabs out" she has sandpaper pussy
by GS PiMp1n 52 July 29, 2008