During Intercourse on the beach, spread sand all over your penis and procede to ram you girl in the ass.
After sand blasting the hoe, she couldn't move for a week.
by Run4yourlife24x August 30, 2008
Top Definition
When a man and a woman have sex on the beach, the man ejaculates on said females face and then takes her head and slams it into the ground resulting in a sandy sticky mess.
Bill took Bernice to the beach yesterday and gave her a nasty sand blasting.
by kaw95 January 20, 2012
When you have dry, raw, lubrication-less sex until you are raw and in pain.


Having rawness or redness on your skin due to the friction of shaven stubble on your partner's pubic hairs during sex.
"Mark was sandblasting Zen until he was chaffed, red, couldn't walk and he couldn't feel his insides (or outsides)."
by Urban Anon April 15, 2010
1. Term used to describe someone with "sand in their vagina" who is complaining to you.

2. Term used to describe someone with "sand in their vagina" who queefs.
"Scooter has been sand blasting all day." or "Quit your sand blasting, woman!"
by Dicklicious April 05, 2012
When cunnilingus is performed with a stubbly beard leaving a the woman chafed and raw.
"Dean was sandblasting me last night and now i can't walk or ride a bicycle."
by R.Sarpy October 10, 2007
While a man is having sex with a woman, he pulls out, inserting his penis into the sand, then finishes having sex, but before he blows his load the girl sits up and the man ejaculates in the woman's face, the sperm and sand combined have a sand blasted affect.
Cause i was sand blasting all night
by the sand blaster October 25, 2010
The act of getting a massive bukkake from a group of Muslim men.
While in Iraq, Sarah went to the club and got a good Sand Blasting by 20 dudes.
by TRIE13 October 13, 2015
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