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The company was founded by Desvena during the end of the Holy wars, Desvena travelled to Harmonia where he found old Senatarian Imperial Cruisers, he sold them back to the Empire and made enough money to start construction on his city. After years and years of battle againest the Senataria he finally won and built his city, they are now the most powerfullest richest company in the Senataria. There city is built on 6 diffrent developments, The Urban development, Technoligical and Nuclear development, Weapons development, Scientific development, Conserving Energy development. Why did they become so powerful? Desvena found a new source of energy that can be taken from the ground called Thermal. After years of mutating it it became a energy source known as GEO-Thermal. After years of sucking it up, they found new ways to mutate it by injecting humans with the adavanced GEO-Thermal and calling it Geneisis. They tested the virus in a large city west of Sanavay called Foghorn. After years of battling againest Sanavay The earth eventually just destroyed the city by creating Tornados, Lightning, Earthquakes, and Hail. Desvena was killed at the top of his building when trying to escape, his son Senasta took his helicopter and got away. Desvena died by a Sanavay, Your Home away from Home
I fought againest the Sanavay Electric Power Company
by Garett Lorenzo March 18, 2007
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