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San Francisco's baseball team, who for 58 years battled season after season of heartbreak until finally becoming World Series Champions in 2010
Joe: Who are the San Francisco Giants?
Frank: Tim Lincecum, Edgar Renteria, Buster Posey, Huff Daddy, Freddy Sanchez, Uribe, Brian Wilson, Javi Lopez, Matt Cain, Andres Torres, Pablo Sandoval, and even Aaron Rowand!
Joe: I still don't get it.

Frank: They're the goddamn World Champions man! We did it!
by Datafiles November 09, 2010
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Best Team in the history if baseball.
Hate the Dodgers.
The San Francisco Giants KILLED the Dodgers last night.
by Giants fan forever May 31, 2007
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A National League baseball team with the best pitching staff in the MLB and the worst hitting in the MLB.
John: Fuckin' a, the San Francisco Giants hitting is once again terrible this year.

Mike: You know, they say defense wins ballgames. With Barry Zito, Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, and Jonathan Sanchez, their pitching will be phenomenal this year.

John: Yeah, too bad they haven't scored a run to back that up since the Nixon Administration.
by NotAustinIswear May 23, 2010
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A team that hasn't won a World Series Championship since 1954, but still has the best hitter in baseball (Barry Bonds), the best ballpark (SBC Park), the second best rivalry, and of course the best fans.
Sorry ass Dodger fan: "The San Francisco Giants Suck......ah shit, Bonds just hit a homer."
by UselessHarry October 05, 2005
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Major Leauge Baseball team that moved to San Fransico from New York in 1957 at the same time the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn their last World Series was in 1954. Their rivalry with the Dodgers is the oldest and best in American sports even though the east coast media bias says differently.
I hate the San Francisco Giants, L.A. Dodgers rule!
by Ciaban Krommenhock October 13, 2006
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