The new Grand Theft Auto game, which comprises 3 metropolises (each larger than Vice City), and miles of country in between. The game's central character is Carl 'CJ' Johnson, who can be morphed into anything: a chiseled gangsta, a skinny poser, or a fat slob who gets no respect.
The greatest game ever. Nuff said.
by bigtones January 01, 2005
A game in the GTA series. Originaly a city in the first GTA game (based on San Fransisco) but has now become an entire state (based on Cali and some Nevada) consisting of three cities; Los Santos (LA), San Fierro (frisco) and Las Venturas (Vegas)and a whole lotta backlands. And as always with GTA, a killing fest that no-one should miss..
Conservative politician: San Andreas makes kids kill people.

Sane human: No, violent games is actually letting out aggression, not making it, so stfu goddamn violent christian warmongers!!!!
by saxojon January 22, 2006
An opportunity for White middle class pricks to pretend that they're poverty stricken black people living in the 'ghetto'
it's all a bit sad, really
by coined January 25, 2005
1. A game that everyone said was the best GTA game of all time, consisting of a black street gangster instead of a cool mafia mambo. They use the F-word quite exsesivly, and use the word "nigger" to be cool. Very boring game with miles of wasteland and big airplanes. Woooppeee.

2. A REAL fault in california.
1. You: Want to play vice city?
Friend: Fuck no nigga, I wanna play san andreas

2. You: Want to go to the san andreas fault?
Friend: sure
by Ihatesanandreas April 26, 2008
An okay game. GTA SA would be much better if the missions wernt so annoyin and borin. And also the game gets borin after awhile.

cj- oi motherfucker get me that ho nigga!
sum fat cunt-fo sho!
by Leigho February 02, 2005
The game is a typical overhyped game that the only thing new is more cars and they say the word nigger. The graphics are worse, there is no new things that would make this game better; such as the use of an internal clock, for night and day. Geographically they are the exact same. There are no earthquakes, volcanoes, seasons, or anything that would improve the series any further than it already has. All you do is play it for two weeks, then realize that this is what you did with the other GTA games, then move on.
San andreas is over hyped
by The Legend of Zelda December 01, 2004

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