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a girl under the legal age of consent(from the name of a California state penitentiary)
Don't even think about getting into her pants, because she's a San Quentin quail.
by The Return of Light Joker December 30, 2007
The phrase "San Quentin Quail" refers to getting sent up for violating California's law protecting minors. At least one country and western song and a 1940's R&B song dealt with the subject and even used the phrase for the title. Duke Henderson had the R&B song on United Artists and on Excelsior, while Carl Knight had his country record come out of the Dearborn label from the Detroit are. There is another country artist who I think covere Carl's song.
"The Judge says the limit on San Quentin Quail is none" - Carl Knight
by Brian Page August 21, 2006
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