A place with few venues for local bands, Christmas in the Park, and crazy Santa Clara cops in the next town over (which is all connected so you can't really tell).

Bad traffic and a bad nightlife.
"Hey! San Jose is 45 minutes away from SF!"
by Tzeentch February 15, 2005
home of bayarea hardcore, and the scene kids with stretched ears who love hanging out in downtown losgatos every night getting fucked up.
we are in san jose lets go to the macla!!!!
by kaylakurbstomp June 21, 2007
the city in the bay area which killed the south bay music scene because of faggots who insist on starting shit at every south bay venue
san jose kids think hardcore is about proving who can injure the most non-san jose in the pit
by fuck san jose January 03, 2008
Full of midwesterners and Asians migrating to the Bay Area for dull tech jobs, San Jose boasts being the most expensive place you can't figure out why you spent your money on it in the nation, probably the world. Like smog? Like traffic? Like competing to go out and shop? Like "multiculturalism" without real diversity (i.e., diversity of income, mentality, thought, and expression)? Like seeing artists shuffled off to borning tech jobs because if they don't the city will brutally swallow them financially? Like a downtown that caters entirely to suburbanite commuters and then shuts down on Sunday, leaving nothing but bums and bummed renters? Like being close to a place just like where you are but with a dirty beach? Like a university that cares a rat's ass about the humanities but boasts that it "powers Silicon Valley" by providing no-brained training for jobs that anybody can learn and that corporations should pay to train people on? Like 5 types of cops on your block? Scared of urban life? Like cowtowns with Sushi? Like seeing friends sucked back into a hopeless vortex because San Jose "is all about the people"? Like men? Got rice? . . . Try San Jose! You'll love it.

San Jose took every last penny I had and all I got was this stupid jaywalking ticket.

San Francisco is San Jose's amusement park.

San Jose: Where $100 K equals $60 K almost anywhere else, but I still can't find anything edifying to spend it on . . . guess I'll go to Valley Fair and buy more clothes, or maybe those implants.
by James McGee August 24, 2006
what is called san jose is really just the south bay area also including sunnyvale santa clara cupertino campbell los gatos milpitas etcetera. its very diverse and ive never lived anywhere else but yeah i guess there is alot of crime. under rated next to s.f. and WAY TOO MANY COPS!if you live here your either a computer geek or a gangbanger or the product of one of them. its a shitty place to visit and a crazy place to live...big meth boom
bad traffic, santana row, campbell borders san jo and its drug bust quotais one of the highest in the stae so they get $$$ for hella undercover shit. no white people whatsoever makes racial tension, more ghetto than it looks
by whitetrashoodratbabygirl May 26, 2005
The only city in US history to make such a big deal out of recently becoming the "10th Largest City in the Country." They have celebrated this fact and continue to tell everyone else about it as though anyone gives a fucc. Detroit recently lost this "elite" status as of July 2005, but no one there probably is aware of this fact because they have better things to focus on. San Jose: the first capitol of CA, the 10th largest city in the nation, 3rd largest in CA, and largest in the Bay, and not a single aspect of it is any more interesting than this trivia that no one cares about in the first place!!
San Jo Fudgepacker A: Hey dawg, did you kno that if you count all the dirt and barren hills in San Jose it has more land space than any other city in the Bay?

San Jo Fudgepacker B: Awww shit my nigga! We got a larger population here too! That along with the fact that in '91 we finally got a professional sports team (the Sharks) gives us a chance to talk about how great our city is all day long! Finally life has meaning!

San Jo Fudgepacker A: Right! Now when we spend our days talking shit about Frisco to outsiders we have something to tell them. I'm so giddy! Bend me over and have your way with me!
by BayAreaRidah41510 May 16, 2006
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