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A group of 10 or more homosexuals daisy chained dick to ass in a circle while dancing the bunnyhop, or any other follow-the-leader type dance. Usually involves copious amounts of hallucinogens, jam bands, and hippie events without state funded supervision.
If you get lost near Haight-Ashbury on acid, watch out you don't get wrangled into a San Francisco ferris wheel like what happened to Ralph. It's been three weeks and he's still sore.


Hippie guy: "Dude, I was at burning man, man. I got involved in a San Franciso ferris wheel. It was like, soooo liberating for my ass, man.."

White collar: "Say,you sound like a guy who likes to try new things. Would you be interested in helping us with some tests? We'd pay you.."
by 31Flavors August 02, 2012
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