This is where a man and his life partner prepare some "Rice a Roni" in a large skillet all the while, being nude. Once the rice is ready, place in a large serving dish. The two fun boys then begin to manually relive each other to the point of climax. The "gun barrels" then empty onto the rice and thus the "San Francisco Treat" is ready to be consumed. Allow 5 min to settle, add salt to taste.
So, I heard that you and your lover made and ate a "San Francisco Treat" last night. Did you remember to wear a smile?
by the "R" February 19, 2010
Top Definition
A homosexual.
That San Francisco Treat is rollerblading. So gay.
by The Talented Mr. Ripley June 25, 2010
oral sex performed on a supposedly straight man by a gay man
Dude, just say no if Bruce offers you a "San Francisco Treat".
by Scoats August 11, 2003
Similar to the Houdini. When doing your girlfriend doggie-style, you switch out with your buddy. Now, instead of heading outside to wave to your gf, you turn around and stick it in your buddy's ass. Since everyone in SF is either openly or a closet homo, this is a treat for everyone!
Switch dude! Surprise, you just got the San Francisco Treat!
by norcalsrt March 27, 2009
While having sex in the doggystyle position before you bust a nut pull out your cock and spit on the bitches ass. She will think you have just cum on that booty. As she turns around to inspect the load you unleash a hefty wad on her face.
"yo you remember that slut lina? I gave her an epic San Francisco treat last night"
*high five*
by k20onboost February 18, 2008
The act of eating 5lbs of Apple sauce and then taking exlax, then shitting on a slip and slide and going for a ride!
Yeah me and Scott just did the San Francisco treat! Talk about a mud slide!
by Josh Spoon October 09, 2007
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