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a moonbounce full of baby oil and gay men; orgy
-You see that san francisco hot pocket at the party last night?
--eww, gross
by Choesly420 April 15, 2011
17 6
The act of one gay man opening his asschecks and then asshole for another gay man to take a shit in. Sometimes also followed by a good ass pounding. A Fetishism
Jamal laid on his back and spread his ass checks and anus to allow Tyrone to take a shit in it before they had anal sex. Thanks you Jamal for letting me give you a San Francisco Hot pocket said Tyrone.
by Raveterror July 14, 2010
14 16
When a gay man decides to take a shit, freezes it so it can be handled, and proceeds to use it as a dildo with his partner.
That San Francisco hot pocket was amazing last night! Until it started to melt...
by Jax478 September 30, 2009
5 17
the act of inserting one or both testicles in a girls asshole while banging her.
"damn man, i was fucking cindy last night and i gave her a SF-hotpocket when i shoved my balls in her ass.
by scarface February 18, 2005
10 25