1. When three gay men suck each other off in a big homosexual orgy while a fourth gay man reads aloud from Perez Hilton's blog.
2. The sexual act of fucking the shit out of a dead male tiger
3. An attempt to sneak a grasshopper (otherwise known as a Mexican) into american soil, only to be pulled over by a black police officer and engaging in a gay interracial three way.
1. Don: Hey, did you read Perez' new blog entry?
Matt: No, Juan read it while Tom, Bill, and I engaged in a San Diego Sausage Roll
2. Dude, Charlie Sheen is fucked up. Not only does he have a tiger's blood, he had a San Diego Sausage Roll with it before siphoning the blood to balance the cocaine in his Martian wizard system.
3. When my landscaper was caught by border patrol, we had a San Diego Sausage Roll to get him off the hook. I think the nigger gave me AIDS
by noctus_vampyro November 23, 2011

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