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1. n. Premature ejaculation, blowing your wad unexpectedly.

2. v. To have a premature ejaculation.

(Once context has been established, may be shortened to "SD Fireworks" or simply "fireworks.")

1a. n. We hadn't had sex in a while so as soon as my girlfriend mounted me last night it was like San Diego Fireworks.

1b. n. My nosy bitch sister: Ashley told me what happened last night... SD Fireworks. Try rubbing one out first next time, ya wank.

2a. v. Your mom was so slutty when I fucked her that right as she pulled my boxers down, I fireworked all over her face.

2b. v. Tyler is such a virgin noob. His third period teacher, Ms. Hotness, bent down to hand back his test and he fucking fireworked in his pants at the sight of her cleavage.
by DerSizzler July 10, 2012
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