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A sexual act involving anywhere from 2 to 24 people(it's possible to add more with referees, coaches, announcers, etc.) Both people are wearing full San Diego Charger uniforms with the crotch area cut out of both. The man plays the QB and the girl plays center. The guy stands in shotgun formation, with the girl hiked over like a center. He yells hike as loud as he can (different counts makes it more interesting, you could always try and draw the defense off-sides). He then runs as fast as he can up to the center and projects himself through the air ramming his penis into either the girls Vagina or asshole. However many yards she is thrown foward is the gain on the play. Repeat until you score a touchdown, your dick falls off from ramming it into a girls asshole, or you jizz on her back.
Sean: Hey dude what did you do the other day?
Dave: Dude, Carl and his girlfriend came over the other day and we engaged in a mean game of San Diego Charg-her.
Sean: That's sweet, who won?
Dave: Well late in the 4th quarter Carl jizzed and I intercepted it, and ran it back for a touchdown.
Sean: Oh thats cool, was it a good catch?
Dave: Well I caught it with my mouth and swallowed it, so there was no way I could fumble it.
Sean: So basically, Carl jizzed in your mouth?
Dave: yep...
by SeanMG December 03, 2006
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