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the best in the west! the future of the nba cause they have tim duncan, manu ginobili, and tony parker!
San Antonio Spurs is going to beat Detroit Pistons...
by theGREATone June 08, 2005
191 113
The best NBA team in the United States!
The San Antonio Spurs beat the shit out of the fucking Los Angeles Lakers!
by spursfan December 11, 2004
325 178
best team in the NBA.
home of such legends as TIM DUNCAN.
whos that great basketball team?
Oh you must mean the spurs.
by hayter February 20, 2005
262 144
The best basketball team in the US. The team with great players like Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, and Tony Parker. Good at beating teams like the Denver Nuggets and the Lakers and well, every team, so long as their players are in good health
The San Antonio Spurs is my team for life.
by spursfan3000 May 07, 2005
251 160
The best team in the NBA by far.
The San Antonio Spurs beat the shit out of the New York Knicks and the LA Lakers
by Biddy July 15, 2005
178 109