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A social class of Japan formed in the 12th century during the conflict between the Taira and Minamoto families during the Heian Era. The elite of society, they were the only class allowed to wear a sword in public (the longer katana and the shorter wakizashi). They refer to themselves as "bushi" rather than "samurai". Each samurai is trained in the art of warfare, martial arts, the sword, or the spear as well as in the way of Bushido. Each region developed their own unique style of swordsmanship or kenjutsu (such as Yagyu Shinkage-ryu as opposed to Itto-ryu) . The samurai is a cultural symbol of the ideal traits of the Japanese people- loyalty, honor,a centered mind, and attention to detail. During times of peace (Tokugawa Shogunate, 1600s+)the samurai would become artisans, farmers, or idlers (ronins/vagabonds). Their decline came in the late 19th century, with the Westernization of Japan and the advancements in weaponry.
Samurai during the 19th century spent more time drinking sake than fighting.
by kshinomori June 29, 2004
a samurai is a person of independance and strength, who is able to stand alone, and only participates in collective endeavors for purposes of their own, rather than any feeling of compulsion. They don't feel pressured by society.
They must also be quite skilled and capable relative to the general population.
As well as observant, alert, individualistic, authoritative, mysterious, clever, capable of both courage and stealth, of both bluntness and finesse.
The aesthetic is important, and the samurai's general lifestyle, manner, and dress, must all be quite artful, elegant, and graceful.
Between the samurai and other elite individuals that the samurai has come into contact with/dealt with, there will be quickly struck and intense forms of both loyalties/alliances and enmities/personal wars. These relationships are complex and intricate and can shift dramatically at any time, although they can also be extremely longstanding.
"-Get so-and-so to come out tonight and do this or that.
-No, I can't change their mind, they're a samurai. They'll only come/do this or that if they decide to on their own. Or if their friend such-and-such tells them to."
by MsMegVan January 27, 2010
You have your ninjas and pirates, but now there's Samurai! Pirates may be able to use guns, and ninjas can hide wherever they want to, but samurai can cut the world in two if they wanted to. Samurai are cutting maniacs, slicing at everything. Samurai can beat a ninja and a pirate with a butter knife while on the seven seas during a fog. The samurai is going to be the reason for the extinction of the pirates and ninjas.
Guy 1: Hey, what happened to all the ninja here?
Guy 2: A samurai walked into the room a couple of seconds ago.
Guy 1: What about the pirate ship outside the window?
Guy 2: The same samurai cut it to pieces to make wood to burn the bodies of the ninja.
by Poison Down The Drain December 27, 2006
The feudal, honorable warriors of Japan, equivalent to European knights. They were a class of nobles, highest in the system set by Tokugawa. They were honorable, powerful, and courageous fighters, quite different from ninja, who were the skilled assassins with little to no honor. I believe each side could take on the other, personaly.
The samurai were very brave warriors, 'nuff said. No flames about ninjas beating them!
by The Hand of God January 21, 2004
noun, abrupt departure from a bar, party, or other social gathering without warning, or with an implied very brief absence and prompt return.

verb, to suddenly leave a bar, party, or other social gathering without warning, and frequently under the guise of implied brief absence and prompt return.
1.) One minute he's telling me how he ended up spending the night at his boss's place, then he pulls a samurai and takes off before he finishes the story!

2.) Pete told me he was going to have a cigarette, then he samuraied home at 11 p.m.!
by word_nerd September 02, 2009
Samurai facts:

-Samurai's can outrun there shadow
-Samurai's penetrate bullets
-Samurai's can stop a train at 200 mph by poking it
-Samurai's don't sleep, they plan the next move
-Samurai's fart can enhance human beings, too bad they don't fart in society
-Samurai's can kill a human being with a blade of grass
-Samurai's eat Gold and drink Mercury
-Samurai's can catch a moving bullet with their teeth
-Samurai's only use there Katanas if there life is in danger, too bad it never happens
-Samurai's tears seal wounds
-Samurai's daily exercise includes finger stands, push ups using your nose, and stopping shurikens with two fingers
-Samurai's never stops moving
-Samurai's bench the empire state building
-Samurai's march creates earth quakes
-Samurai's war cry creates thunder and lightning
-If someone saw a Samurai's face, their eyes would burn out, and their skin would melt
-One Samurai = 200 Ninjas
-Samurai's are better than ninjas
Guy 1 - Dude, You see Takemoto over there?
Guy 2 - Yea he's a Samurai
by Chingchangjj April 16, 2011
A very kinky sexual act in which you throw a person called Sam at your partners eye when they begin to get close(sam-ur-ai). The mass confusion that results in this can be especially thrilling to many people and can occasionally have the added bonus of threesomes resulting with the sam person involved if you are into that kind of thing.
Man: Hey baby want me to Samurai you tonight?
Woman: What the hell is that?
by Dragonwars11 January 20, 2009
A creature with all power, it is said a samurai can destroy the universe with a movement of the eyes. Samurais are the best at everything ever, especially sword fighting and gymnastics. Samurais are born when lightning bolts hit the highest peak of everest, they can teleport and run at the speed of light and fly too.
Pete: Oh my god, was that a samurai?
Joe: No it wasn't
Pete: Why not?
Joe: because we'd be dead if it was.
Pete: what was it then?
Joe: probably a slimy, sneaky little buccaneer shrew.
by vinny_R February 10, 2008