You have your ninjas and pirates, but now there's Samurai! Pirates may be able to use guns, and ninjas can hide wherever they want to, but samurai can cut the world in two if they wanted to. Samurai are cutting maniacs, slicing at everything. Samurai can beat a ninja and a pirate with a butter knife while on the seven seas during a fog. The samurai is going to be the reason for the extinction of the pirates and ninjas.
Guy 1: Hey, what happened to all the ninja here?
Guy 2: A samurai walked into the room a couple of seconds ago.
Guy 1: What about the pirate ship outside the window?
Guy 2: The same samurai cut it to pieces to make wood to burn the bodies of the ninja.
by Poison Down The Drain December 27, 2006
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Japanese warrior-aristocrats of medieval and early modern times.
Miyamoto Musashi and Saigo Takamori were great samurai.
by Japanese_Culture June 20, 2011
A social class of Japan formed in the 12th century during the conflict between the Taira and Minamoto families during the Heian Era. The elite of society, they were the only class allowed to wear a sword in public (the longer katana and the shorter wakizashi). They refer to themselves as "bushi" rather than "samurai". Each samurai is trained in the art of warfare, martial arts, the sword, or the spear as well as in the way of Bushido. Each region developed their own unique style of swordsmanship or kenjutsu (such as Yagyu Shinkage-ryu as opposed to Itto-ryu) . The samurai is a cultural symbol of the ideal traits of the Japanese people- loyalty, honor,a centered mind, and attention to detail. During times of peace (Tokugawa Shogunate, 1600s+)the samurai would become artisans, farmers, or idlers (ronins/vagabonds). Their decline came in the late 19th century, with the Westernization of Japan and the advancements in weaponry.
Samurai during the 19th century spent more time drinking sake than fighting.
by kshinomori June 29, 2004
Feudal Japanese warriors, who followed Bushido, or the Way of the Warrior. Highly honorable fighters, they were skilled warriors and were fiercly loyal to their lords (Daimyo)
If shamed or ordered to, would commit seppuku.
by Maness October 30, 2003
a fuedal warrior that followed a strict code of moral conduct.They were extremely loyal to their leaders wheter it be a warlord or the emperor of japan.They were masters of the art of swordplay.They would not dishonor themselves by using fire arms either.The word samurai means "to serve".
equivalent to the knights of europe
by micheal dunn May 12, 2004
Underrated Suzuki jeeplet with a huge following, known for it's off-road capabilities and ease of service, not popular with the yuppie street-SUV crowd for it's lack of 'Useful' Off-road accessories, like tv screens, 6-place climate controls, or heated leather seats. Amazingly enough an extremely versitile machine... not for the pavement wannabes.
"I ripped the side open on my cadillac SUV, trying to fit in a Samurai-sized gap in the rocks."
by Shibari April 06, 2003
The best warriors ever. As for the whole ninja kicking there asses thing. That can be said about almost anyone I mean ninjas use sneaky instink kills. However if a ninja and samurai fought face to face then the samurai would easily wipe the floor with those sneaky bastards.
Tom Cruise is NOT a samurai
by sir December 11, 2003
The equivalent of the knights of European history. Hired swords who fight for Feudal Lords during wars and the such. Wields a Katana and sometimes a Wakazachi for backup; these swords are of high quality and passed down through many generations, unlike the ninja-to's that ninjas wield. Use a style of swordfighting called Kenpo, in which many different forms with super sweet names exist. It's a shame that ninjas are so much cooler.
person1: yo check out that samurai cutting people up.
person2: yo check out that ninja behind him that he hasn't noticed yet.
person1: woah i totally didnt notice him.
person2: i only noticed him cuz im asian.
by Dierdre Chou April 06, 2006

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