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This guy is a complete moron. All he thinks about is himself, if you piss him off, he'd make sure you know about it. If he wasn't happy, you'd know about it. He seeks attention all the time, maybe he doesn't get the attention he wants, and there are good reasons why he doesn't. He should think about others, and stop being so selfish.
by mtvawa May 25, 2012
Guys named Samuel are amazing people. But one in particular from YouTube "sammyboyz1547" is the one and only. He is Korean. He has soft fluffy short black hair, deep complextion, short, skimpy and skinny, big white smile, cutest puppy dog eyes, and bone structure. He is dumb in school, responsible, somewhere where mature and immature meet, well mannered, polite, sweet, kind, nice, forgiving, trustable, not a big mouth, artistic, creative, imaginitive, computer nerd, video game loving, amazing baseball player, suckish basketball player, dorky/nerdy, hyper, A.D.D., energetic, smiley, laughy and giggly, positive energy, happy 24/7, athletic, 100% funny, outgoing, spontaneous, roller coaster and heights feared, adorable, raspy voiced, catholic but doubting his faith, video game dork, great storyteller, talkative, bad listener, childish, mature-ish, dirty mouthed, messed up dirty minded, friendly, big smile, target loving, french obsessed, crush on colleen and anna n. and madison but should date colleen because she wanted that since 3rd grade for her to be mrs. colleen b., candy loving, dog lover, sport obsessed, crush on jennifer lopez and megan fox and katy perry, and apple and strawberry obsessed. Thats my crush---Sam
2. Samuel Is Going To Be My Husband Even If I Have To Kidnap Him And Force Him
3. This Is A Secret
4. I HATE EVERYONE EXCEPT Theater Friends and Him and God
by Holy Shit Im Colleen Or Am I July 30, 2012
In its long form, Samuel sounds dapper and old-fashioned, like the gray-haired captain of a Mississippi river boat or a berobed Supreme Court justice.

Break it down to Sam, however, and you have a modern-day kid who's ready to have some fun.
"Hey, that kid's called Samuel!"
"That sounds really old-fashioned. He looks like he should be a Judge"
"He should call himself Sam, he looks like a kid who's ready to have some fun!"
by cheekybruno March 22, 2012
the act of shelfing many nails at once this person will find it very challenging to shit and will be shunned upon by fellow classmates
dude one: Whats that in his ass?
dude two: oh thats Sam Uel he shelfs nails

dude one: OH
by freddy92 January 13, 2012
A person who is mean to others for no reason.
Omg he is being so nasty, he must be called Samuel.
by bobxxxxxpop November 27, 2011
A dude with priority issues...
Person 1: dude that kid has stayed on his xbox all day... even when naked chicks were having a pillow fight in his room!

Person 2: hmmm that kid must be a Samuel...
by aaaahhhhhhmun April 17, 2011
A name used when the real name of the person is unknown
by Samuel? Samuel. September 26, 2010