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Improper pronounciation of the word "Sasquatch".
On the Canadian TV show "The Trailer Park Boys" the character named "Bubbles" pronounces Sasquatch "Samsquanch".
by kodiakmartin June 24, 2006
A person who is a staunch Samsung fanboy, who will Troll articles that have anything to do with Apple products.
Hey look there's an article about the new iPhone, oh no there's a Samsquanch trolling the comments.
by Olrak Dunflomingo March 17, 2014
A rock band in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Long live the 'Squanch!
"That was the greatest Samsquanch show ever; we love the 'Squanch!"
by Squanch September 05, 2006
a fat, ugly, stanky ass whore. May resemble the sasquach or bigfoot
Damn that is one ugly samsquanch!
by K-dizz August 09, 2006
1) The mispronounciation of the word "Sasquatch". 2) A stupid looking, big eyebrowed penguin in Québec's Biodome I named Samsquanch.
Guy 1: OMFG! The samsquanch is gonna get you!!
Guy 2: OMFG! ..What's a samsquanch?
Guy 1: OMFG! You don't know what a samsquanch is?
Guy 1: OMFG! Go home and search Samsquanch on www.UrbanDictionary.com, then come back here so he can eat you.
Guy 2: OMFG! ..Okay.
by Adam Ritchie August 27, 2006