sum one who be bling blingin and lowley haters need to diss cause they aint eva gonna get into the mlb. cause they white.
man you need to lay off of sammy sosa, he still kicks so much ass.
by the white whino December 01, 2003
One who plays for the Cubs there for will never win or get to world series and also sucks more than ever could be imagined.
Did you see the White Sox kick their little Sammy Sosa Butts!
by Julie B October 23, 2003
ahahahahahaha, dumbass Plinkton Cyclopes! mind redefining your definition? lose close games? sosa a problem? where are the orioles now, you say? oh my! and where are those beloved cubs of yours? lololol thats right, they aint even gonna get a chance to choke, and still have to pay off his salary! haha the cubs are his bitches!
"Congrats O's fans, he's your problem. Have fun watching the number 2 all-time strikeout leader and keep wondering why you lose close games due to his lack of anything other than a longball. At least you can DH him though.
Sammy Sosa is a crybaby pussy, I'm glad he's gone. Now the Cubs can rebuild and not choke in the stretch."
Source: Plinkton Cyclopes
by blah May 01, 2005

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