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A Sammi is an ice goddess. This girl is so cool, she's frozen! She's allergic to cats and is addicted to pizza,granola,and chocolate. When the apocalypse happens,she will be at Sonic eating corn dogs and hiding from the government. Her husband is Darren Criss and she loves Glee and Starkid.
A Sammi is a frozen chick.
by leecymeow July 13, 2012
30 30
plural sam·mies

Noun: Shortened version of "sammich," which is already a shortened version of "sandwich."

Using the word "sammi" usually denotes contentment, happiness, or excitement.

Note: not a woman.
Damn. That was a good sammi.

Sammies for everybody!

Person 1: "What're you eating?"
Person 2: "A peanut butter sammi c: "
by RanaLanna July 14, 2011
38 41
1. person that likes to giggle
2. Best friends are usually named Haley
3. is a hardworker
4. loves song lyrics
5. aka julie
6. usually has a birthmark on her leg
7. doesnt know if she peed herself or not
- "why is my croch warm." "Ha your pulling a sammi"

- stop making me laugh i look like a sammi

- "is your bff named haley?" "yeahhh you can just call me sammi"
by Becky12345 June 20, 2010
48 73
1. Refers to a young girl that doesn't know how to pass through toll booths, usually pulling too far away or going right through.
"Dude, you just passed that guy trying to wave you down."
"What a Sammi!"
by ChrissyLyn March 10, 2009
64 117
If you see a chick that looks like she robbed Hot Topic and is wearing everything all at once, she's a sammi. Sammis are always girls. Usually they look like they have no idea if they're goth, emo or punkrawkers, and most of the time they just look like posers. If you see one, try not to laugh. Also name of a Japanese pop star. I think.
"Ohmigod, girlfriend, she's such a sammi. Let's laugh."
by Sammiz. September 16, 2006
114 305