A type of person who annoys everyone. At a party, a Sambrook would be that "guy" that no one likes, communicates with, or even looks at. In a small group setting, a Sambrook would be the person who calculates (much to everyone's annoyance)the EXACT amount of money that everyone owes to the pizza delivery person, and whines and complains about having to pay an extra five cents. Seriously, a Sambrook is THAT guy.
"Scott...stop being a fucking Sambrook and pay the man for the fucking pizza already...and shut the fuck up..."

"Goddamnit Scott...no one cares that you skipped a year in grade school...stop being a fucking Sambrook at this party"
by Masaaki August 31, 2007
Top Definition
A Sambrook is a person that asks too many questions about a particular event. You ask them on a nightout and they immidatley want to know who's coming, what time, where, what should they wear, what's the occasion. By doing this they take all the fun out of the event before its even started!
Harry wanna come to a BBQ at mine on Sat? "what time does it finish,who's going, what we having, do i need to do anything? For Christ sake Harry don't do a fucking Sambrook, you coming or not?
by mrruelfox April 08, 2011
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