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Derogatory term for an urban conglomeration or neighbourhood with a significant proportion of Dalit-Dravidian inhabitants. Alludes to the Negroid descent of Shudra-Dravida peoples ('Notable Negroid elements in Dravidian India' K P Aravanan. J Tamil Studies 17 (1980) 20-45) which implies that Afro-Dravidian & Afro-Dalit localities often resemble a Dixie Negro 'hood'.

Commonly applied to:

1) Any town or city in South India, incl. Madras, Kanchipuram & Madurai in Tamil Nadu; Bangalore, Mysore & Mangalore in Karnataka; Secunderabad, Vijayawada & Vishakhapatnam in Telingana & Andhra; & Kochi, Aleppey & Trivandrum in Kerala; or:

2) Dravida-dominated neighbourhoods in towns outside South India, incl.: Dharavi & Matunga or 'Matungam' in Bombay, Scarborough or 'Little Jaffna' in Toronto, Tekka in Singapore & Brahmpur or the 'Jaffna of Kolkata'.

Hyderabad, with its high Nizami culture, magnificent Biryani cuisine & majority Deccani-Muslim & Indo-Aryan population, is of course not included in the gambit of this term. However, Secunderabad is often called a 'Sambar Nigger Town', with its primarily Dravida-dominated mohallas, incl. the Lower-Class & lower-caste Venkatapuram, Tirumalagiri or 'Trimulgherry', Bolaram, Lalagudam or 'Lallaguda', Mettugudam, Namalgundu & Regimental Bazaar, & the Middle-Class Koti, New Nallakunta, West Marredpally, Liberty & Sanathnagar.
1) Delhi Mom: You've got such a good job offer from Bangalore! Why don't you go?
Delhi Boy: I swear by the Qutb Minar, I'm not going to that Sambar Nigger Town!

2) Rajasthani: By Surya, I can't stand the smell here in Madras!
Marathi: What did you expect? This is a Sambar Nigger Town!

3) Gujarati: Why are there so many ugly blacky Madrasi Niggers here?
Hyderabadi: This is Secunderabad - it's a Sambar Nigger Town!

4) Marathi Mother: Why don't you let our daughter study in IIT Madras?
Marathi Father: By Shivaji, I'm not sending my Marathi daughter to a Sambar Nigger Town! She might marry some oily hook-swinger!

5) Nagpurkar: There's a lot of scary South Indian Goondas here in Bombay! Let's leave!
Mumbaikar: This is Matunga, a Sambar Nigger Town! Not all of Mumbai is like this!

6) RSS Brahmin: What are you oily South Indian Niggers doing here in our Aryan city? Go back to a Sambar Nigger Town where you belong!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 23, 2012