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Playful synonym for the pedal extremity of a Dalit- Dravidian or Negroid-Australoid person. Hence, any thick-skinned & oily 'flat foot' which exhibits a strong smell.

Essentially, this denotes a pedal extremity possessing powerful fragrance & in which the arch has been flattened away from the Caucasoid Indo-European standard. Alternately, it also connotes a foot in which the sole displays pronounced muscular development, partly filling up the foot arch & thus obliterating the sole. Hence, footprints left by such a 'Negro foot' are essentially flat.

So called due to the high frequency of occurrence of 'flat feet' or 'Nigger foot' among people of Afro-Dravidian descent: "Not only is flat foot much more frequent in the negro, comparatively speaking, but distortion of the great toe is relatively twice as frequent as in the white." - 'A Note on the Foot of the American Negro' Albert H Freiberg & J Henry Schroeder. J Bone & Joint Surg {Am} vol s2-1 issue 2 (1 Nov 1903): 164-167.
1) Madras Regiment Soldier: Better do what I say, or I'll make you suck my Sambar Nigger Foot!

2) Pundit Pandey: Look at your feet - they're so flat!
Pundit Panda: Yes, I know I have Sambar Nigger Foot!

3) Vijay Verma: This place sucks Sambar Nigger Foot!

4) Paki Fagboy: I love to lick funky Sambar Nigger Foot!

5) Tamil Tiger: Damned Punjabi Poons! They can lick my stinking Sambar Nigger Foot!

6) RSS Brahmin: I'll make you Pakis suck my South Indian Goonda's Sambar Nigger Foot!

7) Scientific studies have long confirmed the traditional association of 'flat foot' with Afro-Dravidians:

"African Americans have significantly lower CP {calcaneal pitch} than Caucasians (p < 0.0001). African Americans have significantly lower CP than Hispanics (p < 0.0016). Caucasians have significantly higher TCA {talocalcaneal angle} than African Americans (p < 0.0004) ... There are differences in the radiographic morphology of feet among different ethnic groups ... The clinical relevance between having a lower CP angle & a higher incidence of flat feet in African Americans warrants further investigation." - 'Ethnic radiographic foot differences' O Castro-Aragon, S Vallurupalli, M Warner, V Panchbhavi, S Trevino. {Orthopedic Surgery & Rehab.n, Curridabat, San Jose, Costa Rica 11801} Foot Ankle Int. 2009 Jan;30(1):57-61.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 23, 2012
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