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Derogatory rhyming slang for a Dalit-Dravidian man, emphasising the Afro-Dravidian descent of most South Indian males & the popularity of the Sambar dish in Dravida. The female version of this term is 'Sambar Niggeress'.

Popular ethmology bases this term primarily on the wide usage of Sambar among South Indians. A secondary meaning, however, takes the thick, spicy & viscous liquid to be a representation of Dravidian sperm, & thus, by extension, of South Indian men.

The term is reflective of deep-rooted Dravidophobia & is founded on non-Dravidian disdain for chilli-laden Sambar & ultra-spicy South Indian Cuisine in general, both of which have been proven to cause ulcers among Caucasoid-Mongoloid people. It is esp. commonly used by racist sections of society across the British Commonwealth, incl. North India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Britain, Canada & Australia. Among Indo-European & Oriental men, Anti-Dravidianism is often based on physical & sexual rivalry with 'South Indian Goondas', Dalit Panthers, Tamil Tigers or Andhra Black Cobra Gangs, & is further fuelled by emasculating Dravidian Penis Envy.
1) Abba: That Sambar Nigger is driving a fancy car!
Chotu Chilli: Abbu, that's your car!

2) Bade Mian: I hate those ugly Thambis!
Chote Mian: I hate them even more, because my wife ran off with a Sambar Nigger!

3) "Hey, filthy Sambar Nigger, come here & lick my feet!" - 'Sambar Niggers' RSS Brahmin, 4 Nov 2010.

4) John Bull: Girl, if you ever get a Sambar Nigger boyfriend like that Polish actress Olga Sosnovska, I swear I'll throw you out of the house!

5) Ah Chong: That ugly black Ah Neh is just a Sambar Nigger!

6) Ram ka Aulad: Sambar Nigger, keep your claws off our fair Aryan women!

7) Pundit Iyer: Never go with a Madrasi! Sex with a Sambar Nigger is beastiality, & you'll be re-incarnated as a cockroach!

8) "You Tamil Nigger, why do you people have such an inferiority complex? Nobody can help that you people are uglier than Africans. Stay back in Tamil Nadu & east idli sambar! Disgusting Sambar Nigger!" - Vishnu, Re: Andhra People. 9 May 2008,
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 10, 2012
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