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n. beats real fast and base down low.
n. throw it up if you want it.
vb. to have sex on an airplane wingtip.
n. usually a person who is loved by an unimaginable amount of people; popular.
adj. sexy, amazing, fucking fantstic
n. some religions see Samatia as a messiah of sorts, a goddess that dominates the male body.

intensly perfect physique.

Samatia's unparalled greatness shines within all who believe in her.

possibly superhuman.

Was born this way.

synonyms: fuck, sex, awesome, goddess, hustlahh.
I samatiaed for the first time. It was amazing.

Hey you want to Samatia?

We are awaiting the return of the Samatia to bring down the judgment upon us.

That girl banged like a samatia. :)

That girl Samatia is fantastic :)
by Gun Master G-man. March 21, 2011
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