Usually, people call her "Sam," or sometimes "Sami." Normally, Sams' are short and petite. She is tough, super loyal and loves the arts (i.e. singing, acting, writing.) She is tiny and blonde, and loves giraffes. Bubbly and spontaneous, and jealous, but super loyal. A little insecure but doesn't let it show. Tries to be nice to everyone but often gets in trouble for her fiery spirit and quick temper/sharp wit. She can be kinda blonde, but is usually extremely smart and sharp witted. A larger than life personality.
She's such a Samantha
by greenteah August 29, 2014
Samantha: She's gorgous, intelligant, and a person that everyone wants to get to know. A real nice girl with a terrific personality, and a drop dead smile. She is just an all around amazing person, that anyone would be lucky to meet. Then Sams got this ass!! Oh sweet jesus her ass is a gift from the heavens. Its perfect in every way, which can only match her already immearsurable beauty.
Nate: Sup man?
Chocolate Drop: Damn did you see Samantha's ass today? Ands she's also very pretty. ;)
by Chocolate Drop;) May 05, 2013
Usually a pretty brunette. Quirky and lots of personality. One of the best people to be friends with, but words from the wise.. If you cross her, she will not be happy. Usually tends to stick up for herself, and her loved ones. Body of a goddess, but really her hips don't lie. Caring and full of passion for things she loves. Cats on cats! Beware she loves cats. Spends way to much time singing and dancing.
Sam's a peach

Don't mess with Sam

Resting bitch face

Samantha loves her juice
by Goddessofwater May 21, 2014
Samantha is a nice person. At times her personality can change...(e.g. scary bloodthirsty vampire cat)...She loves her friends, and is very understanding. She loves hanging out with friends and family. Like going to the movies. She is friends with boys and girls equally. She is closer to her father than her mother. She loves to have lots of fun and can be a bit of a rebel sometimes. You'll always have a good time with her!
Girl1: "Hey look its Samantha!"
Girl2: "Hey Samantha!"
Girl3: "She is such a great friend!"
by Cortz123 April 26, 2014
The ex that you really miss
Jack: I really messed up I shouldn't have dumped you

Samantha: no your not I'm done with you

Jack: 😭😭😭 I wish you gave me a second chance.

God: wow they were meant to be. Samantha should have gave him a second chance
by Sexy scooter May 18, 2014
A girl you always knew from Jr. High school. She's usually quiet and shy until high school starts. When high school starts all hell breaks loose. She'll turn into those mean girls and won't stop talking 24/7. If you tell her a secret don't expect her to keep it because your secret will spread like WILDFIRE!
Alex: Alright, promise you won't tell anyone?
Samantha: I promise <3
*5 minutes later*
Samantha: Hey guess what? I need to tell you something that Alex told me!
by lespritenbanana February 17, 2015
Usually a girl who plays alot of games like Minecraft. When you first talk to her, it'll be awkward but when you start to get to know each other you'll have a great time. She's a talkative person, but she is extremely nice to most of the time. Overall, she can be very sweet and she's always cute.
Samantha decided that she wanted to play Minecraft with Josh.
by Splotch December 18, 2014

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