The absolute best thing that could ever happen to a guy. She is dreamy in every way. She has the prettiest smile and the most beautiful red hair!
Samantha stole my heart when her eyes met mine.
by Omal November 21, 2009
A stunningly beautiful girl but doesnt seem to think so herself. Samanthas are very athletic but are normally talented in anything the decide to try. Acts like a hard ass to guys and pretends to hate love; she thinks she doesnt deserve it. If you really want to date her she makes you work for it. Eventually she'll drop the hard ass shell and love you or just be a very close friend. Only her really close besties know her secretes. She tends to have the hard attitude of a guy so many belive shes gay but dont belive it. Its just a show. She likes many girly things but no one would know it. Shes normally a person that will keep secrets so not ro get hurt anymore. Despite her flaws, shes easy to love when shes ready to love you back. The hard armored beauty is worth all her stuborness.
Samanthas so talented, beautiful even. But cant trust anyone.
by Kally Call February 26, 2014
If your parents named you Samantha, you've pretty much been born into a life of badass-ness. You might also choose to be identified as "sam" for short- either way, you're an awesome female that is effortlessly gorgeous and glamorous, but still outspoken, loud, and not afraid to speak your mind. Guys wanna date you, and girls wanna be you. youre always the life of the party. sure, you might think you have enemies, but really they're just people that are jealous of your perfection. oh, and youre incredibly smart, witty, and funny. if someone has a problem, youre here to help c:
random dude: hey, wanna come to my party friday? samantha's gunna be there!

everyone: hell yeah! sam is awesome!
by AliceCastles December 27, 2013
The most beautiful girl in the world. She is trustworthy , kind, gorgeous and makes the best friend. She is so compassionate of others feelings and would never do anything to hurt others She is drop-dead gorgeous, but not conceited. She usually has long brown silky hair and big beautiful warm brown eyes. Her looks match her personality....she is so magnetic!

She is in great shape and always put together perfectly! She is so compassionate to others and always tries to make someone smile. She is a genuinely sweet girl who never talks bad about anyone. Anyone who speaks bad of a Samantha is usually just jealous of her because she has everything they want but don't have!

Samantha's are extremely confident and can stand on their own. They light up a room by simply walking in. They always make others feel good. They are immune to negativity so haters, don't waste your energy on Samantha...her self-esteem will always outshine you!

Samantha's are highly intelligent and will accomplish so much in life! They will be very successful in anything they do. That is because they have priorities in life and know what's important. They put education first, because that is what makes you a better person.

Samantha's make the best friends, girlfriends and family! If you're friends with a Samantha in life ,you should consider yourself very very lucky. Samantha is the sweetest kindest and most beautiful person you will ever know.
Wow what confidence, that girl is such a Samantha!
She is such a success, she must be a Samantha.
Look at that Samantha, she is the most beautiful girl in the world.
She is so compassionate...the world to be a better place with more Samantha's!
by GirlRater October 09, 2013
The most beautiful person ever. She is not known for her booty or boobies but for her personality. She doesn't play around and is very serious about what she does. If your not friends with a Samantha, you should be. She'll keep all your secerets and never stab you in the back. You'd be very surprised. She also has a great fashion sense and very humorous when she wants to be. She usually seems very shy or obnoxious, depends on who you see her with.
Samantha is the sweetest person i know.
by THATBAERASHEED May 06, 2014
She is a beautiful girl. Her smile can brighten anyones day.. shes an amazing dancer and a great friend. her eyes are gorgeous. there are barly any words to describe her. Beautful, stunning, jaw dropping, gorgeous, all of these and more define her. And Danielle loves you :$
wow youre so samantha s :o ;)
by danibani August 20, 2011
Samantha, usually nicknamed Sam is a very exotic type of female. She is most ]trustworthy]. She has a mystery to her which people love. She tends to be flirty but never easy. She knows her boundaries and has a great intuition. Usually VERY short and petite, bubbly and a bit insecure but doesn't let it know. Straightforward and sharp. She is either sweet as sugar or vicious as venom.
Samantha: hey
Person: *faints*
by PSEUD0NYM September 08, 2014

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