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A beautiful mystical blonde temptress. Generally excessively kinda and caring, with a rockin body too! In most cases these rare breeds also exhibit a set of eyes you could stare into all day, and forget what she's talking about because you seriously got lost. And don't forget that booty!! a booty so nice, it's a force to be reckoned with. An all around atomic babe, total wifey material. If seen in the wild, tap on one shoulder then appear on the opposite side, it works every time.
dude 1-Man that bitch look good!
dude 2-you could never get on her level, she's a samantha!
dude 3-Id rip my dick off an throw it in the river if it meant i could chill with that babe for a minute!
dude 4- wait what? i just got lost in her eyes
by doodmanJ March 04, 2010
a name for a fabulously beautiful female who isintelligent funny and generally loved by all.samantha's also have a soft spot for rabbits,and rabbits and a soft spot for them
see that girl down by the rabbit hutch feeding the bunnies thats samantha,the bunnies love her!
by sambunny February 05, 2010
The absolute best thing that could ever happen to a guy. She is dreamy in every way. She has the prettiest smile and the most beautiful red hair!
Samantha stole my heart when her eyes met mine.
by Omal November 21, 2009
A girl who has an extremely low self-esteem. She always tries her best to care for others and love everyone with all her heart. Don't pass her by. Take her broken wings and teach her to fly, all her life she was only waiting for this moment to arise.
Samantha's always have the biggest hearts, don't let a Samantha slip through your fingers.
by ReeRee98 April 07, 2013
A girl who has the Kindest personality and is a fabulous friend. Anyone would be lucky to be friends with Samantha. She is Beautiful, extremely pretty although she doesn't believe it. All her friends tell her but she doesn't know it. Samantha is popular and always has a smile on her face. Samantha's are the perfect type of person.
"Man, that Samantha girl is just amazing!"

"I know, I wish she were mine,"
by gjanon April 03, 2013
Girl with the cutest average size ears. Also, the most stunning woman you could ever meet.
That's girl is so hot, she must be a Samantha.
by Loved by Sam November 21, 2010
A girl who you can fall deeply in love with. She's gorgeous, beautiful, nice, sweet. She's insecure, but you have to try to make her believe herself she's beautiful. She has a great body. She makes your heart race. Once you fall for her she'll mean the world to you.
"Samantha means the world to me, and I love her."
by fishgomoo April 06, 2013