Samantha is cute as a button. Samantha is funny, a good listener, and there when you need her to be, even if you might not always be there for her. She always so shy, except when she's around you. When the wind blows in her hair, when she smiles and looks at the ground, or just when she walks into a room you feel a radiance like no other. Samantha is loved by everyone, especially by you. She is awesome, fun, sweet, sexy, nice and is always a good kisser. Everbody loves Samantha.
"Samantha" is awesome.
by jeanz July 02, 2012
Samantha is the most beautiful, amazing, stunning person you will ever meet. She's a funny social butterfly that always seems to suck you right into whatever she's doing and bring a smile on your face. It's impossible to be unhappy around a Samantha. They usually love monkeys and even when you're rolling your eyes and laughing, she's a funny, amazing, beautiful person. She's loyal and a great best friend and she isn't afraid to speak her mind and fight for what she believes in and for her friends and family.
Person 1: Who is she? She's gorgeous!

Person 2: What? That's Samantha! She's funny and amazing!
by submitterofsaidstuff November 04, 2011
An awesome, beautiful young girl who is most likely always liked by many boys and is very hot! Samantha usually has tons of friends and they all care for her. If you are not dating a samantha right now, bad choice. She is a keeper and won't be prude. Samantha's have nice bootys and awesome lips.
Boy 1: Man, i just had the best time at the beach hooking up wid samantha in the water.

Boy 2: Damn, i wish i had one of those. You are one lucky man.
by stcsuperstar55 June 24, 2011
Only the most beautiful girl in the entire world. She has beautiful long brown hair as soft as silk, she has eyes as clear as the sky but yet they are dark. She has the most perfect figure ever, their is no one in world quite like her, and when I see her face it takes me away to another place.
Oh, their goes a Samantha if only every single girl in the world was a perfect as her.
by MerkyMerkina January 14, 2012
A girl who has an extremely low self-esteem. She always tries her best to care for others and love everyone with all her heart. Don't pass her by. Take her broken wings and teach her to fly, all her life she was only waiting for this moment to arise.
Samantha's always have the biggest hearts, don't let a Samantha slip through your fingers.
by ReeRee98 April 07, 2013
You're the reason why I get up everyday with a smile in the morning and go down in sleep with a smile in the night, you put the biggest smile on my face and make my heart soar high every time I see you even if it's only for a bit. When I look at you with that curly hair I like the smile you have that I love and look into those deep blue/green beautiful eyes I see who you are, I see all that you've been through the tear,the pain,the scars I see who truly you are and I accept every bit of you though there maybe somethings I don't like I accept it I take you whole heartily.I know I'm hard sometimes that I get pissed and angry at some of the things you do but that is only because I care and I don't want you to fall down, fail or feel hopeless I wanna protect you,give you hope keep you safe in my arms. I can never get too mad at you because I just end up forgiving you and let it go.You have hurt me,burned me, made me cry and broke me into millions of pieces but I wont leave you its okay that you've made me cry hurt me and burned and broke me because i just want to put that behind us I just want you in my future to be mine where hopefully one day we get married, have a house, have kids , be happy and survive all the good and bad times that we will have to go through..One day I just hope you just wake up and realize that it was me along... It would just really break my heart and damage me good if you ended up being with someone else. Anyway Happy Valentines love.
Just think of it like this Samantha If I were to know every fish in the sea and If I only had to pick one fish out of everyone in the sea I would pick you every time without a doubt in my mind.
by Picarya February 13, 2013
An awesome person. One of the best in the world. Beautiful, Sweet, Smart and has a really good sense of humor.
You love that Samantha, don't you?
Dude. Everyone does.
by SamTheAwesome October 22, 2011

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