The most gorgeous women you would ever meet. She is not a slut but approachable. She tries to be nice to everyone unless they are not nice back.
Samantha is such a nice person.
by aruiz June 21, 2010
A true friend that will be with you forever. There is no way she could hurt anyone. Even if you drift away, she pulls you back into her life. A "Samantha" will do anything to help her friends out. When you are together, she will show you the "un-shy" side of her that is almost always hidden. Inside she is a spazzy, horse-crazy, girl. Her parents might not help her confidence but she should always know that she can think for herself. Her life will always turn out fine, thanks to everyone who can't help but love her.
See that shy girl over there? She's actually a crazy, horselover! She is a Samantha!
by supernora June 22, 2010
A Samantha is beyond what words can describe. Everyone ends up loving her. Usually, people call her "Sam." Normally, Sams' are short and petite. VERY beautiful. Their smile is one of the most amazing features. Samantha's are everything you need. :)
by yomommabishhh December 23, 2010
A sexy beast on legs. They are loyal to their friends, and will always stick by their side. They try to avoid the in crowd, and always sticks to their boyfriend if they have one. They usually are the ones to turn you on really fast with their charming looks. They are shy at first, but in the end they will love you for who you are.
They dont like to lie, but like to hang with thier boyfriends. Yes their boyfriends names are usually Joshua.
They are too fun to hang out with. You can tell them anything and they will never stab you in the back.
Your girlfriend is totally a samantha.
Damn, she looks like a samantha!
by EDJERSEY January 02, 2011
samantha's are usually EXTREMLY sexy and have a big ass. most have short brown hair and look like a walking goddess. they are funny, care-free, popular, great dancers, sweet, and have a naught side. also, they can be extemly deep to the people they care about most. They are also a little fiesty, so don't be suprised if she punches you out of no where.
damn im crazy about samantha.

who isn't?
by ohnonononononono May 01, 2010
An amazing friend who allways likes to help people an cares for everyone but is also a complete badass. She stands up for her friends and what she believes is right even if it means going against the crowd. She also hates it when people try to impress her and she doesnt try to change for others. Shes very pretty and isn't allways blonde. She's also very smart and sacrastic when it comes to ackward situations. But even though she has her badgirl badass rep she's also a hopless romantic trying to find her one true love. All in all a great friend and amazing person but can kick your ass if needed.
Boy 1- Dude! Did you see samantha today?
Boy 2- Yeah she totaly nailed that guy in the face for calling her bestfriend a slut!
Boy 1- I know i would never mess with her
by Rosealie678 November 22, 2011
A beautiful girl with either blonde or brown hair. has a nice ass and gets hella guys. is not a whore but isnt afriad to do stuff. ususally straight and f*ckable. she has an amazing body and all the guys want her. she is athletic and sometimes loves to play soccer.
boy1:dude shes so pretty she looks like a samantha!
boy2:i know dude! i wanna get with that!
by Virginia2223 November 23, 2010

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