A Samantha is a loving and kind girl. She is usually gorgeous and angelic looking. If you do not know a Samantha it would be worth your while to get to know one. She is the best friend you will ever have.. she is fun, nice, sweet, easy to talk to, and will not betray you. Samantha's usually look innocent, but are the funnest people ever (and they most likey have gotten around). Samantha's are always themselves and do not try to impress anyone. They also do not like it when people try to impress her, they are down to earth girls and just want to be around genuine people. Samantha's are the type of people you can trust and the type of person you want to get to know.
boy1: that is hot but looks shy
boy2: she's a samantha .. so she must be amazing
by straight_up_! December 27, 2009
Samanthas are gorgeous women that handle situations perfectly, they would sacrifice anything for a friend or loved one. Samanthas have the best bodies, they are very aware of what they look like so they take good care of themselves. They always look good, even without makeup. They are also the best girlfriends, if you love a Samantha she will be loving and caring right back. Do not let a Samantha go or you will regret it. You will end up coming back for more. One last thing, they are AMAZING kissers! ;)
Samantha just talked to me! I love talking to her, plus she is one gorgeous girl!
by One of the Samanthas ;) January 20, 2010
Normally a freaking amazing person. With a great ass. Spends her time with the love of her life. Never gets into trouble but always causes it. Fights and break ups are always her fault. Great in bed. And other places..

Is the best friend a girl can have you can tell her anything and never hear her say I told you so. unless your sayin it with her. Always has your back no matter what.
by Charlie_03 April 09, 2009
The Perfect GF. Samantha is the whole package, nice, funny, maybe a little sarcastic, cute, hot, sexy, everything you could ever wish for in your GF. Shes, loyal, trustworthy, and will always be there for you when your not feeling so hot. If you aren't this girls BF yet then you're seriously missing out. and if you are, you are.. Damn you, you are one lucky guy.
Steve: Is that an angel?
Will: Nope, that's Samantha, my girlfriend.
Steve: Lucky..
Will: Yeah, I am.
by (>'')> <(''<) November 03, 2010

Usually a name for a person that is a walking Goddess. Gorgeous to the maximum, fun to talk to, easy to befriend with a sexy booty. Often pulls off the innocent but She knows How to party.
Damn, that samantha is Nar Nar.
by Loverstick March 29, 2009
Samantha is the most beautiful girl any one can know
i love her so much
she is someone who is chill and is very understanding
and never judges
Anyone who knows this person is the luckiest person alive
This person is the most amazing, hot, Beautiful, and lovable person ever to walk this planet.
I love you
Samantha is so beautiful and she always knows what to say
by IC95 September 23, 2009
The name of the most beautiful young women in the world who makes my life better in every way and is always there when I need her, no matter what. Extremely kind and compassionate, very trustworthy, fun, drop dead gorgeous, and is a born actress!
That girl Samantha is so special to me; she is perfect.
by luckiestguycuziknowsamantha December 06, 2009
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