A stupid slut who likes every guy as long as he is alive and has a dick. Usually a dumb cheerleader and acts blond to get attention. Is dumb and doesnt get very good grades and asks people if she could suck on their weiners for money. Likes both girls and guys expecially SOUR VAG.
Girl: Eww look at Samantha.

Boy: Yeah that stupid skank.
by Your Mom 3985 February 08, 2010
She is a wanna-be. She poses to be a bad girl when really she is a scared little bitch. She is easily intimidated and insecure of herself. Her only talent is chasing men away and being fake. She almost looks like a mixture of a chipmunk and the Clown character from the movie "Saw." She is conceited for no good reason at all. Easily intimidated. She stalks the people she hates and copies off them and their style because she knows they are better than her. She claims to be classy but she talks like she is from the ghetto and is very proud of it. She is immature and needs a reality check asap!
Wow she copied me again! She just did a Samantha!
by uenvymebitch February 03, 2010
A 15 and a half year old girl who should at her age. A girl who needs to stop sleeping around with guys twice her age. She is known as a slut. She has great potential to become a beautiful woman, but acts like a 10 year old.
Wish that she would grow up, but has a hard time getting over herself and seeing that she can't get by in life by being a selfish lier. Love You Sammy.
Can't wait to see what she turns out to be like.
Boy: "I want to tap that..."
Samantha: "Come on over then"
by Canivoressss September 15, 2009
picks her bum and eats it
ewwww why are you samantha
by OMJGIRJ July 08, 2009
An odd thing that sings and dances randomly. Samanthas are often confused and cant hold a phone conversation and sit in the car at the same time. Samanthas constantly repeats the phrase "Do the can can can, Do the can can can" Be careful they can not be trusted with animals they are very likely to put it in the dryer.
What is Samantha saying...."do the can can can"?
by VeggieBergers August 04, 2008
someone who never stops talking about her boyfriend.
obsessed with "keshon". always steals peoples phone when they sleepover at their houses
by aimee. lindsey December 21, 2008
usually mean sometimes easy to get along with can usually be a bitch a slut is a little cute wears to much make-up is boring
that girl samantha is totally mean

i know shes a bitch

i know
by yo mmmmmaaaaammmaaaaaaa October 17, 2008

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