A Samantha is usually a person who is a real bitch, and often will pretend to be your best friend but when you get to middle and high school she will drop and through you out like you are an old toy that she doesn't want anymore. You can never trust a Samantha.
Samantha "OMG you wore that shirt the other day, That's so gross!!!!"
You "Ya, well at my house we have this awesome this thing called a washer."
by scarletrita January 12, 2015
A dicktease. To lead one on with sexual expectations and deliver absolutely nothing
That girl is being a total Samantha. She acted like we were going to fuck and she totally blue balled me.
by Iamwebster1307 March 08, 2015
the sweetest girl you'll ever meet if you're looking to park your cock somewhere and get rid of a nut. Samantha's are deceiving women. They'll say they love you and go sleep with as many black guys as possible behind your back..

"I hit that pussy once in vegas. It was still wet n warm from the last guy..... Loose as can be too.... thats what Samantha's do, take dick... Swallow semen
if you meet one, make sure to have sex with her... They're all really good at one thing, extracting semen from black cocks
by EyePuncher January 02, 2014
A girl with loose morals who is too lazy to work and looks for a sugar daddy/momma instead. Samantha's are characterized by their ability to seem charming at first, but they never truly care about another person unless they are receiving a free ride from them and are not expected to do anything at all in return.
"I thought that girl loved me, but she was really just using me for money. I can't believe I was suckered by a Samantha."
by JustMe43 November 25, 2013
the ratchetest person in the world. she is ratchet and is full of ratchetness.
samantha is ratchet
by 83u983udedekd June 05, 2014
beautiful but at the same time she is gross and ugly has a ahh personality and is shy most of the time.shes a rascal once you get to know her.
matt- that new girl is pretty in the inside not on the outside

justin- oh thats samantha shes not a typical girl she likes getting down

matt- shes very shy id like to get to know her.
by olivia james April 17, 2013
A self-absorbed slut who doesn't even remember her old true friends. She only became a skank when she got into high school. Probably not a virgin, but you can never tell because whores don't kiss and tell. Her vagina is so loose she duct tapes it shut. She acts innocent, but she is the mastermind for Slore Inc.
Guy 1:Oh my god! Have you seen Samantha ever since she left?
Guy 2: Yeah, I fucked her last night!
by YourAssIsMine February 25, 2013

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