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A self-absorbed slut who doesn't even remember her old true friends. She only became a skank when she got into high school. Probably not a virgin, but you can never tell because whores don't kiss and tell. Her vagina is so loose she duct tapes it shut. She acts innocent, but she is the mastermind for Slore Inc.
Guy 1:Oh my god! Have you seen Samantha ever since she left?
Guy 2: Yeah, I fucked her last night!
by YourAssIsMine February 25, 2013
Name for a woman who takes it from behind. She gets her lovin' on dirty and rough, but not because she likes it: It's the Sa-MAN-tha in her. The gender issues embedded in her same cause her sexual confusion almost daily.

Name for a man who's probably gay and therefore STILL takes it from behind, dirty and rough.
That Samantha almost tore my foreskin off last night!
by Summz April 05, 2010
Skanky bitch. Generally thinks she is the hottest thing around but really isn't.
John: "Dude I totally got with that skanky bitch Samantha!"
Mike: "Of course you did...her name is Samantha."
by sneeeeeeeeeeeezy July 21, 2010
a gay, no talent bitch that is very antisocial and enjoys being a princess bitchface. They usually have no friends.
guy 1: i dont like her
guy 2: yea shes a samantha
by albinoduck96 August 16, 2010
Very unattractive girl Fake Rude Stabs people in the back Never date her Ugly Dumb She looks like she escaped from the zoo Immature Hard to talk to Snaps easily Hates any type of animal, including herself Eats too much Fat Best friends with Willy Wonka Hair is ugly Teeth are falling out Loves to lick doorknobs and drink dirty dishwater Weird Not the very athletic Has an annoying voice This creature orginates very from Africa Very vicious
Samantha elephant anteater fat person giraffe bear
by Yohon12345 June 09, 2010
female that simple minded and craves skittles. nahh im just kidding . she is a BAMF defintely.
" hey lucy, i did was a samantha today"
by sammm yay August 27, 2008
A ginger who has the ability to seduce men with her firey red hair. Likes to use her hands to speak and had a fettish with relish.
Samantha had a spaz attack because somebody didn't like relish at lunch today.
by blondeexoxo May 16, 2009