Samantha is a name popular in The States especially. In Arabic terms it translates as 'listener'. Women and men with the name Samantha are very sexy. They have nice hair and, the best pout. Most of all, they always have big, beautiful bums. They are kind and generous, always loving. Samantha's love their family very much, and have a wide range of friends, with one best friend they will cherish always. They have the most spectacular eyes. Although they may not be the cleverest of the bunch, their humour and love for life will help them grow into a successful, glamorous adult! Although they look sweet on the outside, Samantha's can wrap you around their fingers like an Angelina Jolie, and are the ultimate sex bombs at bed. Samantha's will give you the sexiest relationship you could ever ask for; making them the ultimate girlfriends/boyfriends.
Tim: Hey honey, how are you?
Samantha: *kisses him*
Tim: Time for bed!
Samantha: ;)😉
Tim: :0😮
by Splutnik March 30, 2015
The most intelligence person in the world. She is an amazing person. Sometimes clumsy! 😂 really good dancer. Such a nice person to be around. She is really smart, sweet, caring, loving and always there to take your side.

She has really great friends. She is me Sam! CATZ! She is really creative. Celery is her bæ! Carrot+Celery❤️ She can wear anything and look amazing in it. She is part blonde!
Samantha is amazing
by Itz.sammmmy April 17, 2015
Samantha is a name for that special person who cares for you and that is the nicest person, if you get to know her. She's that type of girl that gives effort and loves to text. She is that type of girl that is really pretty, genorous, nice, amazing, sweet, and is like that one person who is-- different-- in the way that makes her not ordinary, but extraordinary.
Samantha and me are great friends and we love to text each other when we get the chance.
by Zachajaws10 April 12, 2015
Samantha means eternal flower , however they are usually very hot , and have blonde hair. Most of the time they don't really know how beautiful they really are. Samanthas are very down to earth and use sarcasm to hide they're feelings however they'll let something slip here and there. Watch out they can be shy. If you ever get one don't take things too fast and don't let them go.
Guy1: hey is that your girlfriend

Guy2: no I wish , that's Samantha
by sprinkles101 March 11, 2015
Samantha's have many friends, but you lose interest in people very quickly. Theycould be brilliant in anything that holds their interest, but your challenge is to finish what you start.They make quick decisions, often hasty, for their decisions are not always the result of careful, logical analysis. Their name makes them an intense person with a need for constructive outlets through creative expression; otherwise you could be driven to indulgence as an escape. Health weaknesses due to the intensity frustration.
The name Samantha makes you a natural entertainer with artistic, versatile, and creative qualities.
by SparkleGirl May 14, 2015
A Samantha is usually a person who is a real bitch, and often will pretend to be your best friend but when you get to middle and high school she will drop and through you out like you are an old toy that she doesn't want anymore. You can never trust a Samantha.
Samantha "OMG you wore that shirt the other day, That's so gross!!!!"
You "Ya, well at my house we have this awesome this thing called a washer."
by scarletrita January 12, 2015
The girl you know all about. The type who spanks her hands really fast to make a non-existent point that requires yelling. Her hair can be so straight to annoy some and you know she got a tan. She could sacrifice a friend in an instant to get what she wants. Her eyeliner and goth appearance erases the significance of her smile. Her friends are vicious queens. She can get jocks to carry a lounge chair with her on top. She's a true diva.
Girl 1: "Did you see that Samantha?"
Girl 2: "Her friends are mean."
Girl 1: "Gra-ta-ta."
Girl 3: "Ugh-oh. Ugh-oh."
by Blakeintown January 30, 2015

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