A girl who pretends to be stupid for attention or makes a big deal and are proud of something that makes them a whore or a slut. Everybody knows someone who is a Sam.
"Oh my god, she's such a Sam."
"I was going to go to that party, but I don't want to hang out with a bunch of Sams."
"Kayla spent an hour talking about how she slept with three different guys last night. She's such a Sam."
by CallMeAlice November 03, 2012
one crazy awesome girl. Loves to rock out. Usually used in great context. She has Her Fingers on the pulse of all that is Fun.
James- "I'm bored."

Erin- "You should hang with Sam today"
by Super Jenius August 19, 2008
The most amazing person you will ever meet. Very sweet, sensitive, smart, sexy, loveable, caring. Has the makings for an amazing boyfriend. Makes you laugh, a good listener, will cry with you.

Strong, big heart, amazing blue eyes.
He is nice but not like Sam
by x3sam December 11, 2011
A sexy girl that every guy wants, usually has Double D titties. She is not a hoe but she loves being around guys and usually has multiple guys friends. Secretly desires to have a huge ass to counteract her titties. If you have ever dated a Sam and left her you are stupid go try and get her back now. Oh yea and Sam's are great in bed!! they stay wet a night long!!!
Hey you seen sam today?
Sam.. Sam.. Sam.. oh with the big ass titties yea she is hot
by Samantha a.k.a Sam January 26, 2009
An abbreviation, meaning, 'Secret Agent Monkey'. usuualy this refers to a monkey,usually in a tuxedo and armend with a strong british accent and a golden gun, but can also be used to define how cool someone is.especcialy refers to those named Sam,Samantha,etc.
Oh Teh Noes! It's S.A.M.
by Evilspleen February 20, 2006
Sam: To be of equal or greater coolness than a unicorn pimp.
Shit son, that dude(tte) just out-pimped that unicorn!" "Dayumn foo, must be a Sam.
by UncleSamFFI April 28, 2011
SEXUALLY ACTIVE MALE, grate in sex and can satisfy any woman.
You are a SAM
by xglosam May 31, 2010
Military term meaning Surface to Air Missile.
We launched SAM's to bring those planes down.
by Virgin Thomas March 16, 2005

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