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A Salvowarrior is short for Salvadorian Warrior which is a Salvadorian military trained mercenary primarly used to guard large marijuana plantations through out El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and even parts of Mexico. These types of guerrillas are usually affiliated with the organized gang of MS-13 or the Mexican Mafia.

Salvowarrior is usually a low level gang banger in California.

In the United States, Salvowarriors are normally street bums or small time indoor Marijuana Cultivators that are small time dealers.
Salvowarriors are known for extremely cheap services for their mercenary labor. Almost equivalent to the helping hand you can rent from the illegal aliens outside of Home Depot.
Due to cost savings, the Sinaloa Cartel hired a Salvowarrior to guard the huge Marijuana plantation up in the mountains.
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by manzeeka April 14, 2009
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