When you cum in a girl's eye and then kick her shin.

dirty ramirez
I gave my mother a Salty Pirate.
by the salty pirate June 01, 2006
Top Definition
Where a male ejaculates in the eye of a female causing her to loose vision in one eye, and then kicking her in one leg so she hops about like pirate with a peg leg.
I gave Meg the salty pirate last night.
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
A Guy is Jerkin it into some broads face. He Skeet's (shoots his load) directly into her eye. Therefore she's temporarly or permanently blind in that eye (depends on how good of a shot one made). now your pirate has one eye, just like having an eyepatch. The next step is to give her a swift kick to the shin. this will cause her to hobble about franticly ( just like a pirate with a wooden leg on his ship ). This part is what everyone is forgetting (because they don't know what salty pirating is all about ) ,YOU NEED SOUND EFFECTS!. the "Yaarrrhhh" commonly used for pirate type speech is produced when you give her an unnexpected Karate Chop to the throat. So by now you'll have a Girl hopping about with one eye yelling in a piraty voice. try to get a quick picture with your camera phone or if your phone (like mine) has video then video the whole process. Make sure to run away cause pirates are nasty!
-"Do you mind if i give you a Salty Pirate?"

-"Dude, i gave your ex-girlfriend the Salty Pirate! That'll teach her for dumping you!"
by Editor of UB! April 06, 2006
The Process in which a male cums into the eye of someone then kicks them bloody hard in the shin so they jump on one leg covering one eye shouting "Y'arrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!"
"Shut it woman or i'll give you a salty pirate to think about!"
by Adam The Salty Pirate Baron August 13, 2005
A term used by dumbasses who dont know the real meaning of what they are describing is the ANGRY pirate not the salty pirate.
That dumbass greg told me he gave his girlfriend a salty pirate, but when he described the move to me it was actually the angry pirate he was describing. what a tool.
by annon23526 September 22, 2010
A girl is giving you head, and right before you cum, you pull your dick out and squirt it in her eye so she is blinded. Then, when she stands up, you kick her as hard as you can in the shin so she hobbles around like she has a peg leg. GROWL!
I pulled the Salty Pirate on LaFawnda last night; I'm single today.
by BAM -- I'm scene! January 31, 2005
you spit on the receivers back and they turn to look.. and you shoot a load into the receivers eye. they stand up and you kick them in the leg. jumping up and down one leg... yelling arrrrgggg..... hens forth salty pirate.
damm! thats one salty pirate.
by rockitfish August 23, 2007
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